HDPE Corrugated Sewer Pipes


HDPE Corrugated Sewer Pipes

Technical Data

Product Standard : DIN 16961
Nominal diameter, DN (mm) 100 150 225 300
(inch) 4 6 9 12
Outside diameter, OD (mm) 118 173 262 346
Inside diameter, ID (mm) 100 150 225 300

Standard Length : 6 meters


  • Lightweight
    HDPE corrugated pipes are lighter than other tradisional pipes. Result in quick and reliable installation. The pipe can be transported easily to job site, even in poor ground conditions.

  • Flexible
    HDPE corrugated pipes are flexible, allowing them to adjust to different loading conditions, stresses, vibrations and soil movements without causing damage to the pipes. Situation is opposite for rigid pipes, which break when their crush strength is exceeded.

  • Easy Installation
    Installing the pipes is simple and easy. Important factors are lightweight of the pipe, ease of handling, transporting to job site and method of installation (rubber ring joint). Longer pipe lengths speed up installation time, reduce number of joints, hence reducing the number of potential leaks and help reduce the installation costs.

  • Chemical and Abrasion Resistant
    HDPE have excellent chemical resistance and are unaffected by soils and sewerage effluents with wide range of PH. It is  highly resistant to wet, hydrogen sulfide gas and the low concentration acid found in sanitary  sewer. HDPE corrugated pipes have superior abrasion resistant qualities. Installed correctly, HDPE corrugated sewer and drainage pipe systems can provide long service life.

  • Hydraulic Efficiency
    The smooth interior of HDPE corrugated pipe provides the superior flow characteristics that are essential for conveying and discharging fluids. HDPE corrugated pipe does not corrode or tuberculate and maintain its flow capability over time.

  • Structural Performance
    HDPE is an extremely tough material that can easily withstand normal impacts involved in transportation and installation. The strength of HDPE corrugated pipe is derived from its corrugated profile, allow it to support compressive loading from covering layers and traffic.

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